Our Membership  & Guarantees

A guarantee in place: STO Garant 

In order to meet its statutory obligation to provide a guarantee, ArmWings uses STO Garant, a guarantee scheme recognised by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets
(ACM). You can check that this is the case by visiting STO Garant’s website and verifying that the organisation is listed as a participant (www.sto-garant.nl/en/members). You can find all
information relating to STO Garant at www.sto-garant.nl/en.

Whether STO Garant's guarantee applies to a particular (travel) offer made by ArmWings is specified for that offer. The Guarantee Scheme specifies what the guarantee covers and which conditions apply. You can find the Guarantee Scheme on STO Garant's website (www.stogarant.nl/en/downloads).

How it works 
If STO Garant's guarantee applies to your booking, you do not pay the booking amount to ArmWings but instead into the escrow account belonging to Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow, a payment services provider registered with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). This trust account holds your payment in reserve until the trip booked has come to an end. The booking amount is then released to ArmWings on the day after your trip ends. If ArmWings should become financially insolvent before the end of your trip, STO Garant will implement the guarantee.
The Guarantee Scheme details how you can make a claim under the guarantee in such cases.

IATA Accredited Member

  • We are fully accredited by IATA (International Air Transport Association)
  • We are an BSP (A billing and settlement plan) appointed travel agency

General Terms and Conditions 

ArmWings is a Private Limited Liability Company registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 72074701 and located at Beechavenue 54, 1119 PW in Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands.

Our general terms and conditions are in Dutch to which Dutch law applies.

Address Head office:
Beechavenue 54-60, 1119 PW Schiphol, Netherlands

Address Branch office:
Zvartnots International Airport, 2nd floor, dep. hall, Yerevan, Armenia

Please contact our Customer Service Department at:
Netherlands +31 20 369 76 95
Belgium +32 2 342 05 71
Germany +49 365 838 99 001
France +33 3 673 900 62
Armenia +374 60 442 864

or email us at: service@armwings.aero

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